FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What's the difference among the three products?
Answer: Concept is the same for all our products lines. The only difference is the number of accessories each Starter Kit includes. If you need more expandable hooks then shelves, Rack-It! is the solution. Conversely, if you need more shelves than expandable hooks, Dorm-It! or Glam-It! (only product which comes with glittered/metallic accessories) would be your answer.
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FAQ: Will I be able to hang the Wall Mount starter kit vertically?
Answer: Yes, it’s easy! Assemble panels just as you would a door hang starter kit; assembly instructions are found all over our website www.offthefloorezstore.com.   Estimate the desired height of unit. Securely fasten one Wall Mount bracket (center clips facing up) with suitable hardware/anchors for your wall. Then, simply hang the starter kit by the top center holes instead of a binding clip.
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FAQ: The hooks and accessories are not staying on the panels. What’s the best way to keep them from falling off?
Answer: Ensure that accessory clips are inserted and accessory backs are then flush to the panel. Apply pressure at the back end or base of the accessories (required force was intended due to potential safety issues), until you hear it snap-in. Once the accessories are secure, they will remain securely fastened.
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FAQ: Can I place an order online and pick up locally?
Answer: We are located in Corona, California. If you’re local and would like to make arrangements to pick-up your order and save money on shipping, we’d be happy to accommodate you! Just choose the "Free Local Pick-up" option at checkout.
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FAQ: Can I purchase more accessories?
Answer: Most certainly! Go to the accessories page of our website and view all your options: Add-on panel kit, shelf, 3-compartment bin, hooks, binding clips, wall-mount and door-hang brackets. This is where you can customize a smaller unit if the Starter Kit is too big for your space.
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FAQ: What kind of door-hang brackets do you suggest for dorm rooms?
Answer: Typically, dorm rooms are equipped with fire doors; however, please measure the door thickness intended for the unit and determine which option works best:

Std Interior Door hanger = up to 1 3/8"
Fire Door hanger = up to 1 3/4"
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FAQ: What is the weight capacity of each hook, shelf, bin, and starter-kit unit?
Answer: Each expandable hook or shelf can hold up to 5 lbs each, while the 3-compartment storage bin can hold up to 10 lbs. The starter-kit (with eight panels) fastened together as instructed, can hold up to 75 lbs. You can find detailed specifications under PRODUCTS tab.
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FAQ: How large can I expand the wall-mount starter-kit?
Answer: You may build and expand the wall-mount unit to the length or height of any wall. Simply purchase Add-on Panel Kit; each kit comes with 2 panels and 6 binding strips. Please note, additional wall mount bracket is required for every 2 horizontal add-on panel extensions for additional support. It’s fun and easy! Try alternating colors to support your favorite sports team or college. Be adventurous and give it a try for optimal storage in any space. Ideal in playroom, mudroom, garage, man-cave...anywhere large open wall space is available.
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