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love it

This product is awesome. I got the one that hangs over the door. I have finally organized the kids backpacks and all our hair supplies. We can fix our hair and grab our bags and go.

Submitted by: Kathy
Apartment Living

Cramped in an 800 sq ft apartment with husband and two dogs, the Rack-It! has been a great solution for us!  Everything that ended up on the counter, table top, or dresser is now off the floor, tucked neatly behind the bedroom door.

Submitted by: Danielle S
Middletown, CT
Apartment Living - Part 2

I was quite surprised how much the starter kit holds.  Takes a little planning before the accessories are snapped on to use the space optimally, but we were able to store everything we intended to.  I may buy a couple additional accessories to utilize the small empty space on the bottom of the unit.

Submitted by: Danielle S
Middletown, CT
Apartment Living - Part 3

It was easy to put together, although it took a little muscle to snap the large bin in.  We are so happy with our Rack-It! and recommend it to anyone dealing with clutter in small spaces!

Submitted by: Danielle S
Middletown, CT
Nerf Wall


My 9 year old son loves Nerf guns and he wanted to change his room around. We ordered 8 sets of Rack-it and this is what we created, a 14' foot wall covered with over 60 Nerf guns and accessories. We love the Off-The -Floor Rack-It product. I just ordered more to cover his closet doors.


Tyson Allman

Caden Allman

Submitted by: Tyson Allman
Defiance Ohio
Love it!

My son loves his rack-it!  With a tiny room to begin with, the rack-it gives him more space in his room not to mention better organization.  We love this product and can not say enough good things, it is a must have if you have children!

Submitted by: meko alban
Garage Pick-up

Door from house into garage was alway clogged up with whatever anybody was using, just open door and toss in the garage for Dad to trip over. I installed a Rack-It right outside the door in garage, amazing....clutter gone. Maybe that could be a new name "Clutter Gone".  No charge for name , just send me another Rack-It.   Sorry.... I meant "Clutter Gone".  Roger

Submitted by: Roger Reynolds


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