About Us

Our Story:

I was inspired by a personal challenge of dealing with household clutter.  My 10-year old son, a major Nerf® fanatic, had toy guns, bullets, and mags strewn all over the house, along with all his sports gear, hats, video games/remotes, etc.  The garage was a never-ending challenge for the husband.  Adding to the clutter chaos was a new addition to the family…an English Bulldog pup (Bella – aka: Glam-It! Girl).  Closet space was scarce and practical floor space was virtually non-existent.  Could I find a practical storage solution with necessary accessories to store all his stuff out in the market?  The answer was surprisingly “no”.  I called on my best friend since 3rd grade, entrepreneurial mother and professional in her respective career, to embark on this venture.  She, of course, had the exact same challenges in her household!  Thus, M2M Creations, LLC was formed.  We sought out the opportunity to fill a void and bring to market practical, innovative storage solutions meeting a wide array of consumers and their needs.  With much thought and care in designing a versatile, user-friendly custom storage system for everyone lacking space and seeking efficient organization, Off-the-Floor EZ StoreTM and its product lines Rack-it!TM, Glam-It!TM, and Dorm-It!TM were invented.

* M2M Creations, LLC, its website, and its related storage products Off-the-Floor EZ Store are not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with Hasbro, Inc. or any of its affiliates.  Nerf® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.



Our Company:

We believe every company and individual bears social and economic responsibility to our great country, therefore, our products are 100% made in the USA.  This not only brings jobs back home and puts Americans to work, but also provides high standards of quality and safety that our consumers expect and deserve…without compromise!  We believe it is an obligation to give back to our communities and are pledging our time, finances, and resources to various local charitable organizations. Glam-It! Girl's top causes for her furry friends are ASPCA and Humane Society!  We are allocating 10% of profits to charitable giving.

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