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Off-the-Floor EZ Store offers customizable storage solutions for everyone - boys, girls, college students, moms…even dads for their messy garage space.  Simple organization to free clutter anywhere!  Our patent-pending modular storage system doesn't consume valuable floor space with wall mount and door hang options.  Snap construction allows for easy assembly with no tools required.* Even the accompanying accessories simply snap on.  This multi-purpose, all-in-one solution will surely meet your storage needs for a clutter-free space.  Additional panel kits and accessories are available for sale to expand the size of the overall storage system, or increase functionality.  Various configuration options and a wide selection of colors gives any room or space a personalized, custom look.  If our Starter Kits are too big for your space, our new 2-panel or 4-panel Mini Unit is the perfect solution for you.

*Exception applies to wall mount hardware, not included


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